Milos Pavlu

Author of the book 'Production of uPVC windows with insulating glass, especially in Africa'

About Milos Pavlu

Miloš Pavlů

In the 1992 Milos Pavlu founded his own private company.  He started to prepare new complex projects of uPVC window productions.  After each project his company has delivered all machines, devices and accessories, has made the assembly and commissioning, has provided service and complex consultancy. The company PAVLU-Complex was the first company in this field in the Czech Republic and was one of the first companies in the whole Eastern Europe.

Milos has played the major role in the building of the new branch in the Eastern Europe and until now his company has sold about 3 500 special machines.

The machines were sold step by step in next countries. Now the machines from Milos are in operation in 15 countries of the world. Nowadays, more than 100 of his machines are running in four countries of Africa and next new projects are prepared.

Milos is convinced that in Africa the same boom of new productions of uPVC windows will take place as it was 25 years ago in Eastern Europe. To help to new investors and starting companies he wrote the following book.

The Book: Production of uPVC windows with insulating glass, especially in Africa

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The Book: Production of UPVC Windows

This publication is intended for the use of possible investors and potential starting manufacturers of uPVC windows and doors or insulating glass or preferably of both productions, especially on the African continent. However a lot of following information can be used in other countries and continents.

The book is written at one hand as simply as possible and on the other hand as complex as possible. Simple so the investors and beginners in these branches could quickly understand the problems, and complex because there are no such complex books on the market. In this publication you can find all necessary information you need to know for the process from the first initial idea to the running production of uPVC windows with insulating glass to become the successful manufacturer. You can find the information necessary to organize and manage and what you mustn´t forget.

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Maybe just you could be a part of the uPVC windows production in Africa!

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